50th Anniversary Edition! Class of 1960

18 Mar
SOUTHEAST HIGH SCHOOL – Kansas City, Missouri

Dear Knights and Ladies,1955-1960—Five fabulous years! It was the beginning of a new adventure, a new building, new teachers, meeting and making new friends, life-long friends. There were no wars, no drugs, no drive-by shootings, just 400 new friends. We fell in love, some just once, others every other week. Almost all of us discovered the means to make our future successful. And now we meet many of our lifelong friends for the first time in 50 years. Your Reunion Committee has planned an exciting and entertaining weekend of activities to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the graduation of Southeast High School’s most remarkable class, the Class of 1960. The only thing needed to make it perfect is YOU!
 The following pages provide the details of the events of the weekend, and a BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION and REGISTRATION FORM to be returned to us by AUGUST 15, 2010 (even if you cannot attend).

In summary, the weekend will look something like this:

 Friday morning, September 17

Friday afternoon/evening

Saturday at 11:30 a.m

Saturday evening

Sunday is reserved for recovery.


Please let us know that you will be here as soon as you can. We are really anticipating a wonderful weekend of fun, getting reacquainted with old friends and making new ones.


 Southeast Class of 1960 Reunion Committee

During Saturday evening we will have a program, provided by fellow Knights and Ladies. We have a committee working on the format and content of this exciting and entertaining program. But since we are providing our own program, we need your help. We need a number of volunteers who are willing to embarrass themselves by putting on a short skit or other kind of entertainment of their own choosing, in good taste of course. Hopefully, the piece will have something to do with high school days or themes, funny memories, etc., perhaps something like Knightlites. Costumes are allowed. If you don’t have a clue as to what to do but are willing to participate, let us know that as well. We’ll come up with something for you. Tom Keck and Bob Lampson have already volunteered, and they have no idea what they will do. Never did!

If there is enough interest, we have arranged to produce a hardbound 35-40 page Class Reunion Book that will include your biographical information and pictures from the evening. The book would be produced after the reunion and mailed to those who have pre-ordered. The cost, including shipping, would be about $20.00 if enough are ordered.

, please contact Dean Sparks at sparks.dean@gmail.com, or 816-741-3747; or Marilyn (Pinkston) Myler at myler1063@mokancomm.net, or 816-250-2393; Ed Harnett at eharnett@everestkc.net ,


Classmate Name_______________________________ Maiden Name____________________
Spouse/Guest Name___________________________________________________________


City__________________________ State_____ Zip Code__________

Phones: Home_______________ Cell_________________

Email Address____________________________________

Contact information for someone who will always know how to locate you:



Family Information (Use back of form if more space is needed): _____________________________________________________________________________________________


Memories that may be worth mentioning at the Reunion (Again, use back of form if needed) _____________________________________________________________________________________________


I will attend the following events

1. Knights’ Golf Outing ____ ____ $40.00 ____ $__________

2. Party/Picnic at the Holmes’ ____ ____ $ 5.00 ____ $__________

3. Ladies’ Reunion Luncheon ____ ____ $23.00 ____ $__________

Menu selection A ___ B ___ C ___ D _____

4. Reunion Dinner and Program ____ ____ $55.00 ____ $__________

Menu selection A____ B ____ C ____

I want to purchase the following memorabilia:
Reunion Polo Shirt(s) ___@ $25.00 each size(s) ____&____ $__________

Reunion Tee-Shirt(s) ___@ $10.00 each size(s) ____&____ $__________

Colors Crimson_______, Royal Blue_______, White_______

Class Photo ______@ $10.00 each Reunion Yearbook _____@ $ 20.00 each $__________

: YES NO COST (ea. Number Total

Make check payable to SEHS Class of 1960 Reunion
Total Amount Due: ____________

Mail to: SEHS Class of 1960 Reunion, P.O. Box 902118, Kansas City, MO 64190






3 Responses to “50th Anniversary Edition! Class of 1960”

  1. Dean Sparks March 18, 2010 at 6:02 pm #

    Hi John,
    We have been looking for you in the sense that we hoped to find some with reasonable computer literacy to take responsibility for creating and maintaining a website for our class, and perhaps for all classes of Southeast High School. I also would like to talk to you about building a site for all high school graduates of the Kansas City Missouri School District. The purpose of diong that would be to enlist volunteers to help the district become a world class educational entity. If you are interested in any of this please give me a call.

    • e4unity March 19, 2010 at 9:21 am #


      Glad to hear from you. Congratulations on your anniversary. I am not nearly tech savy enought to do websites. I have to keep it simple-like blogs. I think we can do a lot of things with the blog that we can’t with a website-like get into a back and forth commenting on a post and seeing the responses of others. I will bne glad to put up pics and other information about previous reunions. Just send me what you have by e-mail. Address is on ‘about’ page.

      John Paul Todd
      class of ’60


  1. Avoid the summer time blues « Class of 1960-Kansas City-SOUTHEAST - June 19, 2010

    […] If you are reading this post and haven’t received your personal invitation, it may be because the Reunion committee in Kansas City doesn’t have your current e-mail address. Be sure to get in contact with them if you haven’t received the March 2010 announcement. Contact information and partial post of the March announcement is here. […]

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