Got Reservations will travel

27 Apr

Do You have reservations yet?  

Overland Park Sheraton-Reunion Central

 It’s not too early for you out-of-town classmates to make your reservations for our 50th anniversary celebration, September 17th and 18th. Please refer to the original information from the Reunion committee. (First post)  

In that notice a rate of $99 was mentioned as the rate available by mentioning “Southeast Reunion”. However, an e-mail today from the ever-resourceful Pete Clark alerted us to a few rooms at a better rate-$79/night.  

“i called the sheraton   where the reception will be or next door from the convention center where we might be.  below is the $79 AARP rate i got for 2 nights for my wife and i.  

i was going to book a suite, but only suites they had were $479.00, and sure not going to pay that for as little as we will be in the thing!!……………….that $400 will buy lots of rounds of drinks!!!  

someone please pass this along to the “arizona” clan. also, not sure how many of these rate rooms they will sell, so if you know you are coming to our 50th reunion, you may want to call now….the hotel phone number is 913-234-2100……………i believe the SE Reunion rate is $99 .
look  forward to seeing everyone, and please forward this onto to all out- o-f towners you know, as my send to list above was strictly off the top of my head with no list in front of me.  


Thanks Pete. Sure enough I just got off the phone making my own reservation at the $79 rate (AARP rate). It might help to have a Starwood Preferred Guest card-don’t really know.Don’t forget to send in the registration forms to the committee by August.  

We sure are getting excited about seeing all of you that can make it!  










One Response to “Got Reservations will travel”

  1. Toddy2 September 15, 2010 at 12:08 pm #

    The party is about to begin. Hope you were able to reserve your place at Southeast West, the Overland Park Sheraton. Sad that I had to cancel my own reservation. I look forward to all your reports on the activities and the conversations of the week-end.

    Be sure to e-mail us at and we’ll put your blow-by blow descriptions on the blog daily.

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