Happy go lucky meets hard,cold,Reality

10 May

We are children of our own time & culture.

How big of a part did music play in your life back in 1959-60? One of the many voices I remember from my high school days was that of Johnny Cash. More than most, I think captured to a large degree the mood of our society at the time, at least from a teenager’s perspective. He recorded his first song in 1955 and soon after recorded this one, “I Walk the Line”, which became the name of a movie about he and his wife, June Carter.

Here is Johnny Cash in his happy go lucky days singing to a crowd in San Quentin Prison. Now there is an example of ‘hard reality’ if I ever saw one-even in the ’60s. When I look at these men’s faces, I can’t help but wonder if any of our classmates did time behind bars? Cash’s career became a sort of American tragedy but that was later in his life- here he is in 1969.

Johnny Cash was twenty-eight at the time of our graduation.

Much of Cash’s music, especially that of his later career, echoed themes of sorrow, moral tribulation and redemption. . .a devout but troubled Christian, he has been characterized “as a lens through which to view American contradictions and challenges”.

(from the article at Wikipedia)


One Response to “Happy go lucky meets hard,cold,Reality”

  1. e4unity May 10, 2010 at 10:03 am #

    speaking of culture- I’ve added on our ‘links’ page The American Culture History link. The link is to the ’60s, but also has selections for other decades such as the ’50s.
    Very interesting snapshots of what was going on in these years in America.

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