May graduation,when and where?

18 May

Does anyone remember the details?

This may be a little embarassing, but after 50 years, I can’t remember these things and I could sure use some help. If you have in your keepsakes box any thing that will jog our memories, please let me know.

Do you still have a graduation announcement we could scan and add to our blog? While we are on the subject, I noticed another class put up the original winners of the voting regarding ‘best dressed’, ‘most popular’, ‘most likely to suceed’, etc. It might be a hoot for us to have that list on our blog as well. If you still have your yearbook of ’60 you could copy the list and send it to me or add it here as a comment.


 Please help an old man out.


One Response to “May graduation,when and where?”

  1. e4unity May 20, 2010 at 7:31 pm #

    A little side note- where are our classmates located now? From I was able to get these numbers:

    Of 162 register that attended (not necessary graduated) Southeast in 1960,
    Missouri – 70, Kansas 24, California 11, Texas 8, Florida 9, and Colorado 6, are the top six states. For all you mathematicians can we call that a ‘sample’ and say that most of our classmates are ‘homebodies’ still living in Missouri and Kansas?

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