Just getting better w/ age

16 Jun

Some of our heroes from the ’60s are still around and better than ever. I can think of no better example than Ed Ames. Born in 1927, he was fifteen years older as we graduated but I for one remember him as we went out into the world to make a life. He was ‘Mingo’ the faithful indian partner of Daniel Boone in the t.v. series and he was just getting started.

Now after all these years, I discover what a talented man he is and what a fascinating story he represents. Of all the songs that he sang in the late ’60s, the one that stuck in my head and led me to rediscover him, was “Who will answer?” For me it seemed to capture in one song the dangers that these years represented for us and our country; not just the Viet Nam War or the explosion of the drug culture, but trying to find answers for what seemed to be happening in our world.

I will link to the above song, but in honor of our 50th celebration I’ll post a different one from the 70’s:  Try To Remember.

This one from 1967 is on my all-time “best love songs” (to sing to my wife): My Cup Runneth Over w/ Love


One Response to “Just getting better w/ age”

  1. Toddy2 August 18, 2010 at 7:09 am #

    A question for the “Bravehearts” as we look back on 50 years: How did we do ? As we graduated from Southeast we went out into the world with all our dreams and fears to make the world a better place; to right the wrongs and champion the ideals we had been given from our families and the Round Table of our Castle.

    Your own comments are invited. How do feel about your own contribution? Did you achieve what you set out to achieve? Do you think our generation was able to make a better world? Let me know what you have decided.

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