Remembering Our Teachers

2 Sep

What Would SOUTHEAST have been Without THEM!

Remind you of someone?

Thanks to the web site of the Class of ’54, (click to see Faculty page) I was able to get links for a few of our Teachers.

Leonard Rice

Mr. Rice was my physics teacher which was invaluable at K-State.
















Mary Ballinger


As I remember Mrs. Ballinger, she was a good teacher, a disciplinarian, but knew her stuff.


Rebecca Birkhead

Four years of English, I’m sure I had Ms.Birkhead for two courses. She was an excellent teacher and always got the most out of every student.


Maria Fetters

She was not only my speech teacher but convinced me to do drama, including the play “Our Town”, our junior year. As a result of her encouragement, I joined the National Thespians.

Who are the teachers you remember?

Try to decide and get ready to share with classmates your memories and your own appreciation of those that influenced your life and profession.


One Response to “Remembering Our Teachers”

  1. Toddy2 September 3, 2010 at 9:33 am #

    I apologize to the class of ’60 for my limitations. I hope you will look at the links to what the class of ’54 has done with their web-page. It has to be professionally done. They even have a visual tour of the Castle and floor-plans for the building (from the 1949 handbook).
    Keep dreaming of improvements and what would be worth having when we get up our own “official” web-page.

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