The Redemption of Billy Cannon

14 Sep

A Remarkable Story of  a 50 year Journey!

I found this story on ESPN of one of our college heroes- Billy Cannon of LSU, winner of the Heisman Trophy in December, 1959. It is a story of the football culture of the South as exemplified in Louisiana. But it is also about a life-time journey that at one point turned badly, but didn’t end there. Read how a totally disgraced sports hero was able to redeem himself and at the ripe old age of ’72 regain the respect of his friends and the State of Louisiana.

Billy Cannon after being restored to the Football Hall of Fame

To read the story at ESPN- click on the picture!

As many of our fellow class-mates pack their bags for the 50th Reunion celebration this week-end, I can’t help but feeling that some of us have similiar stories to tell about our own journey in the last fifty years; from the brink of disaster to a beautiful redemption of life and purpose. Hopefully, reunion will be a chance for some to share their stories .


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