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Blizzards of KCWinter’s

23 Feb

The recent blizzard to hit Kansas City sure brought back memories. All that snow some of us had to shovel!

Brush Creek and Country Club Plaza

Brush Creek and Country Club Plaza

So this one’s for you ANNE, who e-mailed about shoveling snow in Saint Louis; and for Dean Sparks who is sorry he’s now missing this annual ritual.


Thought the class of ’60 would enjoy watching “Moments to Remember” courtesy of class of ’54 SEHS, Kansas City.

Be sure to ‘click on’ the picture of the castle to see slide show. And everyone have a safe and enjoyable March 2013.


Class bits & pieces

8 Oct

From Our Class Facebook

When this blog was started before our 50th Reunion, we didn’t have a Facebook connection. We tried to find to find someone through Jo Ann that would start one but found that apparently few classmates were on-line beyond e-mails.  After much labor of love from those that organized the reunions and on-going events, we’ve begun to get a better data-base for getting reaquainted with oneanother. 

One major, sensitive, challenge: because of security issues, many folks young & old have opted to keep their information limited & private on-line. Remember that every e-mail you’ve sent is out there in the cloud waiting to be mined by some data prospector. We about to post pictures of the recent Birthday Bash and there are news items we can now get from the class Facebook page. Any suggestion?

From David Hooper’s FB- “Just found out I am going to have a granddaughter! YEA!

Congratulations David!

A Life well lived

9 Apr

Honoring a classmate & former neighbor- by John Paul Todd

Jean Ison Bass  (May 1942- Mar 2011)

When we are in high school, we are too busy to think much of the future and what our classmates are going to become as responsible citizens. One of the joys of reconnecting after all these years, is to learn the life story of some of those we knew and glimpse what they did with the life & training they received. Turns out, we went to school with some awesome individuals and didn’t know it.

I’ve been thinking about the girl I knew as Jean Ison ever since learning of her passing last month. Sister Glenda, class of 1958, was kind enough to send me some details along with her obituary. Jean was a lifelong educator and artist, a skilled jeweler and painter which she inherited from her mother.

Jean was married to another artist, Jim Bass, for 45 years. Jim is a sculptor and so they did art together and built quite a studio where each one worked. Jean was noted for her public tapestries hanging in many local collections. Perhaps the collection at First Congregational Church in Topeka allows us the joy & privilege to see some of her work as we honor her memory.

Spend some time (while you can) viewing Jean’s work here.

Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on, yes, says the Spirit, that they may rest from their labors, and their works follow them“.

Revelation 14:13

A Eulogy by a fellow teacherNancy Marshall

Is Prayer a part of your life?

18 Feb

Prayer and its effects are a major topic these days, not only in religious circles but also among medical professionals.

I confess that I didn’t pray that often when I was at Southeast High and I rather doubt that many of my class mates did either. Unless of course we got into serious difficulty, than we may have asked for help.

As I write this, two of our classmates have asked for our prayers. Harold Begley’s wife Goldie, has had serious heart surgery w/ ongoing complications. Harold was my neighbor and good friend during my years at SEHS. Dean Sparks, also a good friend, is recovering from surgery and he and his wife Christine, are depending on the prayers of our classmates.

Harold Begley- Nevada

Harold Begley- Nevada

Ironic, it was Dean that first told me of the formation of a prayer group at the time of our 50th Reunion. I was waiting on him to write something about the group (prayer circle) so we could put it here on our blog. We will have to wait until he recovers to give us the details.

If you would like for your classmates to remember you and your family in their prayers, just let some of us know and we’ll pass it on to these praying friends or attach it somewhere on the net if you want us to.

May God bless us all in 2011 and don’t forget the National Day of Prayer.

Added 9/11/2011: Related post on “ExtraordinaryPrayer

The Redemption of Billy Cannon

14 Sep

A Remarkable Story of  a 50 year Journey!

I found this story on ESPN of one of our college heroes- Billy Cannon of LSU, winner of the Heisman Trophy in December, 1959. It is a story of the football culture of the South as exemplified in Louisiana. But it is also about a life-time journey that at one point turned badly, but didn’t end there. Read how a totally disgraced sports hero was able to redeem himself and at the ripe old age of ’72 regain the respect of his friends and the State of Louisiana.

Billy Cannon after being restored to the Football Hall of Fame

To read the story at ESPN- click on the picture!

As many of our fellow class-mates pack their bags for the 50th Reunion celebration this week-end, I can’t help but feeling that some of us have similiar stories to tell about our own journey in the last fifty years; from the brink of disaster to a beautiful redemption of life and purpose. Hopefully, reunion will be a chance for some to share their stories .

Anticipation of the Gold

31 Aug

Are these pics really 10 Years Old?

Small group get-together

Is that YOU Harold?

Whose your friend Ed?

Some Surprises

What’s in A name?

26 Jun

The worth of our own name is priceless.

We learned this early in our school years. Roll was called (kept) by our name; grades were attached to our names; we were rewarded according to our names. Come to think about it, much of our entire life identity is inseparable from our personal name.

Memorial bricks

There are many ways to honor individuals using their names, such as with these memorial bricks in the Veterans Couryard at the Truman Memorial Building in Independence, MO.  We also want to honor the names of each class-mate of our graduating class of 1960. 

We need your help! We have added the names of 32 of our “missing class-mates” page, those precious individuals who were apart of our Southeast community but for whom we have no contact information as of 2005 when the list was compiled. So please take a moment to click on the tab above or here (missing classmates) and look at the list to see if you can help us with any of these names. If you can, let us know by contacting anyone on the Reunion Committee or leaving a comment on the missing classmates page.

We don’t want anyone left out of the 50th celebration!

Coming soon: The names of our favorite teacher at Sotheast.