Missing classmates

A listing of class-mates we have no contact information for. Help us by checking this list and either sending us contact info for anyone you may know or by having them get in touch with us themselves. We will take extra care of any personal information to protect your security.

 Michael Boutrell

David Brown, Florence Burgess (Bell),

James Foltz,

Marye Frances Fudge (O’Dell),

Loretta Glennon (Yanyarata), 

Joe Hammett, Peggy Jo Hood, Betty Jean Howard (Johnson),

Linda Hunter (Stewart), 

Patricia Katherine Keiser,

Henrietta Koester, Leona Maxine Laughlin,

Douglas John Marshall, Pat Miller (Guyer),

Barbara Newton, Frank Pace,Jr,

Karen Ann Parsons (Welch)

Linda Thomas

Sara Catherine Wesbrook,

Anna Rollene Wright (Leone).

(list compiled in 2005)

Updated list (June 2015) from JoAnn Sears Wright- 34 names- please leave comment if you have any information- take a look at the list SE60UnableToLocate


One Response to “Missing classmates”

  1. Douglas John Marshall April 2, 2018 at 11:22 am #

    Douglas John Marshall, graduated from Kansas University, and traveled the world starting with VietNam. Things of great interest were always around the next bend.

    He still travels, and cheers the memory of temper.

    Douglas Marshall

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