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Senior Citizen Advantage

21 Feb

Surely most of us have realized by now that reaching “senior” status does have some advantages in our society. One of those most dear to me is the freedom to think about the basic issues of life with a greater maturity than ever before. This maturity has not come without costs. We’ve had to pay our dues in many ways; sometimes, painful ways.

Since we already introduced the subject of prayer, I hope my classmates will allow me to go ahead and bring in the unnamed ‘gorilla’ that many of us just didn’t feel free to discuss out in public much, and suggest that with our maturity, we surely now can say something about.

GOD in AMERICA– the name of a PBS series that aired last October, attempts to address the role of faith in God in America’s history. Personally,I am ready to suggest that this is closer to the actual history of America than anything produced to date. The subject is far reaching in what needs to be honestly admitted about the variety of faith traditions that were here almost from the very beginning. Take a look at the home page and see if you agree.

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Is Prayer a part of your life?

18 Feb

Prayer and its effects are a major topic these days, not only in religious circles but also among medical professionals.

I confess that I didn’t pray that often when I was at Southeast High and I rather doubt that many of my class mates did either. Unless of course we got into serious difficulty, than we may have asked for help.

As I write this, two of our classmates have asked for our prayers. Harold Begley’s wife Goldie, has had serious heart surgery w/ ongoing complications. Harold was my neighbor and good friend during my years at SEHS. Dean Sparks, also a good friend, is recovering from surgery and he and his wife Christine, are depending on the prayers of our classmates.

Harold Begley- Nevada

Harold Begley- Nevada

Ironic, it was Dean that first told me of the formation of a prayer group at the time of our 50th Reunion. I was waiting on him to write something about the group (prayer circle) so we could put it here on our blog. We will have to wait until he recovers to give us the details.

If you would like for your classmates to remember you and your family in their prayers, just let some of us know and we’ll pass it on to these praying friends or attach it somewhere on the net if you want us to.

May God bless us all in 2011 and don’t forget the National Day of Prayer.

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When Silence was Broken

17 Jan

Honoring Dr.Martin Luther King

As we went out into the world following our graduation, I doubt that any of us had any idea of what our country would face in the 60’s much less for the rest of our lives. The home that I was raised in had a strong “southern” heritage. Whenever the subject of Dr. King came up, he was not spoken of with any degree of respect. How was it in your home?

Now fifty years later, I have come to have the greatest respect for this man of peace and what he stood and spoke out for in our generation. I urge my fellow classmates to join me today in honoring the memory of Dr. King by listening to the burden of his life as a loyal Christian and a loyal American.

For what it is worth, the cause for which he gave his life appears to me one that continues to demand breaking the silence now more than ever in America. But we must learn to do so in a peaceful, non-violent way that respects our neighbor and their right to disagree publically. And Dr. King can serve as a model of how we can learn to do that even on the most difficult subjects.

A tribute to Dr.King’s vision in song, by Nina Simone

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A name from the Virtual wall- Viet Nam War Memorial

Where the wild things are

14 Oct

In lovely Swope Park at the Kansas City Zoo.

About the Zoo

Did someone take you to the zoo when you were growing up? Those of us that live far from Kansas City, are just a little envious of what you have in your own back yard.

Keep the celebration going: visit the zoo during October or November while the admission is free to residents of Kansas City, Mo.

Just getting better w/ age

16 Jun

Some of our heroes from the ’60s are still around and better than ever. I can think of no better example than Ed Ames. Born in 1927, he was fifteen years older as we graduated but I for one remember him as we went out into the world to make a life. He was ‘Mingo’ the faithful indian partner of Daniel Boone in the t.v. series and he was just getting started.

Now after all these years, I discover what a talented man he is and what a fascinating story he represents. Of all the songs that he sang in the late ’60s, the one that stuck in my head and led me to rediscover him, was “Who will answer?” For me it seemed to capture in one song the dangers that these years represented for us and our country; not just the Viet Nam War or the explosion of the drug culture, but trying to find answers for what seemed to be happening in our world.

I will link to the above song, but in honor of our 50th celebration I’ll post a different one from the 70’s:  Try To Remember.

This one from 1967 is on my all-time “best love songs” (to sing to my wife): My Cup Runneth Over w/ Love