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What’s in A name?

26 Jun

The worth of our own name is priceless.

We learned this early in our school years. Roll was called (kept) by our name; grades were attached to our names; we were rewarded according to our names. Come to think about it, much of our entire life identity is inseparable from our personal name.

Memorial bricks

There are many ways to honor individuals using their names, such as with these memorial bricks in the Veterans Couryard at the Truman Memorial Building in Independence, MO.  We also want to honor the names of each class-mate of our graduating class of 1960. 

We need your help! We have added the names of 32 of our “missing class-mates” page, those precious individuals who were apart of our Southeast community but for whom we have no contact information as of 2005 when the list was compiled. So please take a moment to click on the tab above or here (missing classmates) and look at the list to see if you can help us with any of these names. If you can, let us know by contacting anyone on the Reunion Committee or leaving a comment on the missing classmates page.

We don’t want anyone left out of the 50th celebration!

Coming soon: The names of our favorite teacher at Sotheast.